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Propose with Trumer Fine Jewelry

Trumer Fine Jewelry is starting 2018 with a bang. We understand that your engagement is more than just your engagement ring. In fact, it really is about your proposal story. At Trumer Fine Jewelry, we understand that the ring is just part of the story and this is why we are launching #ProposeWithTrumer.

This means that every time you buy a diamond engagement ring from Trumer Fine Jewelry, we will not just help you get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams (GREAT GIA Certified Diamonds at the best quality possible) but also plan out your dream proposal!

Our creative in-house team of copywriters, photographers, and social media mavens will help you from start to finish. For those living in Los Angeles, we can even be there for you behind the scenes during your proposal to help plan, capture, and just make it the dream proposal of your dreams.

This is exciting project is brought to you my our team's dedication to bring you not just the perfect diamond engagement ring but an experience that you will remember.

Propose with us today.

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